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Martin Honey

About Us


Our Long And Successful History

Martin Honey was founded in 2013 by Justin Martin and began with only local honey sales and occasional farmer's markets. Over the years, we have broadened our horizon and now specialize in the production of 100% raw, unfiltered honey, honeycomb, Italian/Wild Bee hybrid nucs, as well as natural body care products that are handcrafted and scented with pure essential oils. Throughout our business, we have strived to maintain affordable pricing while never compromising on pure and natural materials. All honey and beeswax is derived straight from hive to product.

Our Honey

At Martin Honey, we offer 100% raw, unfiltered honey as well as honeycomb that goes directly from hive to bottle. 

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Our Bees

At Martin Honey, we produce Native Wild/Italian Hydrid honey bees in nucs during the late Spring. We began integrating wild bees into our stock in 2013 and have attained the gentle characteristics of the Italian bee along with the brood production and disease resistance of native bees.

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Our Body Care

At Martin Honey, we do not compromise on natural ingredients for our body care products. Our products are scented with pure essential oils and contain beeswax from our hives, vegetable glycerin, and natural butters/oils.

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